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There are many Genies waiting to grant financial wishes to needy entrepreneurs. Current platforms do not give Genies any vote or any say in the startups they fund.

Thus the Genies sadly return to their lamps even when the wishes they grant become multi-billion endeavours.

Wishpals gathers the crowdfunding Genies in a decentralized network, gives them the power to vote and gives them equity in the startups they financially ignite.

Enter A Fast-Growing Market

A market of over 20 billion
4 Billion in Reward-Based
3 Billion in Equity
6 Billions in ICOs
Continuous 5-Year Growth Rate
25% annually in reward-based
400% annually in ICOs
40% annually in equity
Over 30,000 High-Tier Projects Funded
5,089 on Kickstarter
1,152 in ICOs
25,387 on Angellist
Spectacular Exits in Short-Time
3 Billion $ Exits in 5 Months on Angelist

Invest & Receive Shares
in Crowdfunded Companies

Wishpals increases the adoption of equity crowdfunding through a decentralized network of Genies. The core aim of the Genies is to support attractive ideas and receive equity in each startup that is crowdfunded through Wishpals.

WishPals Crowdfunding

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WishPals Profit Distribution

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Add Governance
to Crowdfunding

Through our pledge system, Genies decide which projects get crowdfunded. When the pledge reaches its target, the Startups get a page on our platform and their roadmap is secured on the blockchain.

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Create Liquidity. Access Secondary Markets

By using tokens on the blockchain those tokens are liquid and sellable on any crypto exchange. While with normal crowdfunding your money is stuck in a product or company, with Wishpals you can sell your token at any time at the market price on the exchange.

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Invest in Background-Checked

The Wishpals Project Investment Filter Team (the PIF Team) filters submissions by doing background checks on the startups. The projects that have fictional teams, are illegal or scammy do not enter our platform.

Alex Danalache

Entrepreneur, investor & media professional

Studied Entertainment Industry Management

Co-founded multiple ventures in Real Estate, Media, and Entertainment.


Studied Mathematics & Cybernetics. PR & Marketing Specialist in the IT and Entertainment sectors

Co-founder & former VP of the Gemenii Network

Focused on disruptive technologies, supports ethical automation & decentralization.

Radu Oprea

Serial entrepreneur, ex-trader, Forbes 30 Under 30

Cofounded, built and grown multiple online and offline businesses and digital products

Quantitative finance researcher

PHD in Financial Markets

Dragos Bardac
UX / UI Designer

14+ years of experience in building well thought out user experiences and user interfaces on both the web and on mobile.

A keen eye for beauty, a deep understanding of the human nature, and a mind that thinks outside the box are the secret ingredients that help Dragos turn any simple idea into a lovemark.

Ovidiu Naclad

Startup CTO with more than 5 years experience.

Built dozens of MVPs and modular apps that are easy to iterate on and build on top of, scaled infrastructures to millions of users, extensive experience on AWS, and worked in a UX / Design first culture for many years.

Bogdan Blidarescu
Backend & Blockchain

Senior backend developer with multiple highly scalable infrastructures build.

Extensive experience in machine learning and cryptocurrencies

Strong background in tech, math and science.

Octavian Alexandru Berceanu

20 years experience in integration of social, environmental, and economical fields. Consultant for governmental institutions (eg. senatorial counselor), private companies, and NGOs.

Member of the Budget Commission of Bucharest, that manages 1 billion € per year.

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Why Startups Need WishPals

Forget Everything, Focus on the Product

Wishpals is a bridge that connects faithful entrepreneurs with our Genies that grant them their wishes. WishPals frees entrepreneurs from the hustle of raising funds, allowing them to focus on the further development of their products and services rather than attempting to raise money on their own.

Access a Decentralized Accelerator

Startups get access to a pool of professionals that are also invested in their company. Through our bounty system inside the platform, startups can reward Genies with GNC for performing tasks. The Startup can even hire specific Genies for per project work.

No Funds Wasted on Advertising

An entrepreneur wastes money on expensive marketing campaigns just to raise more money. With Wishpals, both the investors and the funds are already waiting for startups inside our platform.

Improve Products and Services

By posting updates on products, services, and features on our social platform, a startup receives feedback from our Genies. With Genies being financially invested in your company you gain quality feedback and increase your chances of developing a market-worthy product or service.

Recover Money If the Roadmap Is Not Met

If a company fails to hit roadmap checks, our Genies may vote to stop the rest of the financing rounds for the respective company and recover tokens.

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Receive Benefits and Discounts from Crowdfunded Startups

As a Wishpals Genie you get all the benefits that reward-based crowdfunding offers, like discounts and free products and services, but you can also earn GNC by engaging on our platform.

Genies perform tasks for the Startups that they like and increase the Startup’s chances of success while adding an extra revenue stream for the Genie.

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WishPals Roadmap

January 2019
Website up.
White Paper 1.0 published.
First team members announced.
April 2019
First advisors announced.
First Partnerships Announced.
Social media engagement.
New Advisors Announced.
May 2019
Complete Business Model
Added to Resources.
august 2019
White Paper 2.0 published.
Full Team Announced.
October 2019
MVP Ready.
First Bounties Live.
Beginning of Marketing Phase.
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